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Rest … Reflect and a Reset!

Greetings Good People, It is with mixed emotions that that I say goodbye to 2022. It was a year that was full of contradictions and outlandish revelations, rife with global conflicts, hosted one of the most contentious US midterm elections and saw divisions and nationwide tensions widen.  And with all of that, it was also […]

MLK, Jr Day 2022

Greetings Friends. Today, amidst a muddle so many other pressing global and personal life events, we have the opportunity to celebrate the remarkable life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Most of the country will spend this day focused in other directions. That he was a major force in bringing our reluctant nation into an […]

My COVID Connections of Note

Hey Friends! Got a minute? I’ve got a question for you. Here in the waning/not so waning weeks of this pandemic, that just won’t seem to go away, I’m thinking about the various upsides that might have occurred for you in that VERRRRRY obvious downside of the limbo we’ve all been living through. (And yes, […]

The Essence of Hope!

The Essence of Hope March came in like a wildebeest, and I’ve been on the run ever since! I barely know where to start sharing.  I released a music video of my song “It’s Who We Are!” from my new CD On Solid Ground. https://youtu.be/ll6S4LgjmU8w That was quickly followed by a fall on some black […]

Why I’m Not Scared

WHY I’M NOT SCARED (Here me out!) I wasn’t gonna write this! In fact, I talked myself out of it at least five separate times. I said to myself, “There’s just too much stuff out there. Who will read it or HEAR it in the way you intend?” That was before my friend and colleague […]

New Songs From Hopeville!

Dear Music Family, I’m sitting in my living room, socially distancing in isolation tonight as I’m watching the Democratic National Convention on TV.  Despite all of the conflicting, depressing and heart wrenching news stories that stream from media sources every day, I still find myself filled with a new level of energy and joy as […]

Statues, Lives, and Things That Matter!

Greetings Good People. I’ve been “off the road” now for 3 plus months and the view from here is almost as uncertain as when this crazy COVID-19 journey started. I mean, I’m well, healthy, and have most of the particulars sorted out… (how to shop, how to avoid the virus, how to clean the house, and how to get online concerts […]

Teachers Make A Difference

Greetings Good People! In this time of challenge and change, with lots of time to think about a world that is now on the edge and wandering toward an uncertain future. I see, as others have stated, a great opportunity to think carefully and expansively about the choices that are before us and my place […]

Woke Up in the COVID Boat! (Still singing’!!)

Dear Music Family, I hope you are all well and paying attention to keeping yourself safe in this ongoing COVID-19 crisis. My heart is very sad in this moment as cancellations, mis-information, and fears continue to mount. We all find ourselves in a state of uncertainty as we try to adjust to the need for […]

Are You History Makers?

Dear Music Family, I send my best wishes to you all as we make our way in 2020. It’s so hard to believe that we are already three weeks into this new decade. I find myself caught between the energy of the new year and the need to take some time to review what I’m […]