Folk Concerts

Steeped in the tradition of African American spirituals, folk, gospel, rock and the music of civil and human rights, Reggie is recognized as one of the foremost presenters of songs, who, in the spirit of his mentors Pete Seeger, Harry Belafonte and Bernice Johnson Reagon, gets people smiling and singing.



Reggie offers numerous options for Arts in Education assemblies and teacher inservice sessions, tailored to all levels of the K-12, and College, educational ladder. Customized residencies, lasting from one day to one week, with resulting songwriting or hands-on student experience, are offered in schools and for festivals, are another frequent offering.



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“Reggie Harris is part of the solution. His marvelous music, his hard-earned wisdom, and his loving presence lift up any room he enters. Reggie reaches across all boundaries and makes strangers into friends. Give yourself and your community the gift of a transformative visit with Reggie Harris.”

—Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
Teacher, Leader, Musician, Lev Shalem Institute, Woodstock, NY